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A Fond Farewell

AFTA New Transparent

As I finish reading I am struck by the finality. “The time had come, So….Marvin went.” My lil 10 month old boy Zach smiles sleepily. I sort of gazed off in the distance. The book is Marvin K. Mooney will you please go now! by Dr. Seuss. The time has come. I guess I am […]

The meanest thing I have ever done as...


The Highlanders celebrated their fourth straight city championship while we watched. I attribute the loss to one thing. Familiarity.  I had a coaching staff of 4, together we had over 45 years of football experience, at various levels, and we had only two championship experiences to draw from. The kids were even less experienced, many having […]

5 Things you should know before signi...

5 Things Camps (415x321)

Camps and programs exist for just about every sport on nearly every topic. Football is no different. Hockey has been the catalyst for offseason programs, out of season all star squads, and the push to develop athletes into hockey playing machines. Unfortunately with those that want to help the sport grow come those who are […]

Nick Murray

Logan Camper

For those who do not know me, I will take the time now to introduce myself. My name is Nicholas Murray and I am a football addict. Those who coached me can attest to my lack of skills. I was never fast, never strong, never vocal. I was a body. I came off the bench […]

Reasons I focus on me each offseason

Coaching Matters

We all know that the football season is a grind. Long days…longer nights. We watch film, prepare practice plans, evaluate our team, their team, and try our best to win. Then we roll into the offseason. It is easy to begin to focus on weights, recruiting, and scheme evaluation. What worked? What didn’t? Who is […]

Football Training for Life


There is something about the sport. It is hard to place. Maybe it is the smell of the grass, the feeling of the air, or its sheer brutality. Football. There is a magic to it. So violently chaotic, yet so composed. It is the oxymoron within itself. A sport based outwardly on physical prowess and […]

7 great quotes for motivation

7 Quotes (415x321)

Inspiration can be found anywhere. It doesn’t have to be a football legend. It doesn’t have to be a football player or coach. In fact many of my favorite quotes come from outside of football. Basketball has some real legends. As evidence here are 7 of my favorite quotes uttered by basketball legends Jim Valvano, […]

The moment I chose to be a better coa...

Better Coach (415x321)

Do you remember your turning point? I remember mine. It was October 28, 2012. I will never forget it. It was cold. Unbelievably cold. Snow came down in thick heavy drops, melting as it hit the ground. Wet doesn’t begin to describe it. The weather was part snowstorm, part rain storm, and full miserable. I […]